Crating and Packaging

CoreRigid™ is widely used in the crating and packaging industries nationwide. Plywood has been the material of choice in these industries due to its availability and ease of use. Wood crates are easily damaged, hard to handle, and do not stand the test of time. CoreRigid’s superior strength to weight ratio provides clients a lighter material with increased lifespan, making CoreRigid the most cost effective material available.


  • Lightweight transportation crates  

  • Replace wood crating

  • Rotable/knock down crating

  • ATA cases

  • Music cases

Signage and Display

CoreRigid™ can be used in a variety of ways for signage and displays. The versitility of materials allows for 100% customization of the product, including: unlimited substrate options, as well as custom printing. The durability of the panels allows for both indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Exterior sign

  • Interior sign

  • Highway signs

  • Trade show booths

  • Flat and parallel lightweight signs


CoreRigid™ panels have unparalleled qualities that make it the high-tech solution for many of the construction industry’s building applications. The moisture and chemical resistance inherent in the panels make an easy replacement for metal, plywood, and particle board. Using CoreRigid, you can build your project with green materials that don’t absorb moisture, can’t be eaten by termites, and won’t burn, all with an increased R-value.


  • Load bearing panels

  • Interior/ Exterior paneling

  • Sheathing & Roofing

  • Ceiling panels

  • Partition walls

  • Modular buildings

  • Sheds


Architectural wall paneling is an easy way to upgrade the look and feel of your building. CoreRigid’s™ range of material options can provide any desired look and style. The lightweight and rigid nature of the product gives you the highest quality look with the best utility. Need fire rated panels? No problem, we can give you the same desired look with our fire rated panels.


  • Interior wall paneling

  • Exterior wall cladding

  • UV stable materials

  • Wood/ stone finishes

  • High gloss finishes

  • Home and office decor


In marine construction, many boat builders still use wood in applications such as floor boards and wall panels. Wood inherently absorbs moisture, making it a poor material choice for a product used in and around the water. CoreRigid™ offers many UV stable wood grain films for the highly-desired look that wood provides, while fighting against water and bacteria absorption.


  • Floor boards

  • Wall panels

  • Cabinets

  • Compartment doors

  • Ceiling panels


The transportation industry benefits from lighter and stronger material options. CoreRigid™ provides a material option that is lighter and stronger than most materials in this industry, helping reduce fuel consumption. CoreRigid is easy to fabricate, making it an ideal product for use in RV’s and vans.


  • Commercial trucking

  • Semi-truck wall panels

  • Van conversions

  • RV paneling

  • Aviation