• Can be used in any flat panel application

  • Replaces plywood in most industries and applications

  • Cannot be damaged by termites

  • Easily fabricated with conventional tools

  • Can be made 94V-0 Fire Resistant

  • Both interior and exterior applications


  • Impervious to liquids – withstands wet environments where wood is absorptive by nature

  • CoreRigid™ uses anti-microbial plastic– blocks and fights bacteria

  • Does not support mold growth

  • Moisture and chemical resistant


  • Superior strength/weight ratio

  • Averages half the weight of plywood and other wood panel products

  • Lighter panels – easier and safer to handle

  • Lightweight structural panel

  • Load bearing panel

CoreRigid vs. Plywood
 Weights in ppsf

CoreRigid ABS0.620.680.91.06
Hard Plywood0.851.251.632.47
Particle Board1.151.752.253.44


At CoreRigid™, we understand that manufacturing will play a large role in the future of our environment. Sustainability and respect for our environment are core to who we are and what we do. We regrind and recycle our scrap, and take every measure possible to make sure that our panels are manufactured in an efficient and environmentally conscious way. Businesses are increasingly setting goals to reduce their environmental footprint. Switching from wood products to CoreRigid is a fast way that allows your business to achieve its sustainability objectives.


At our very core, we are dedicated to being the industry leader of innovative sustainable panels achieving unmatched value for our customers and environment.

  • Lighter materials – reduced handling, transport, and fuel costs

  • Increased material lifespan

  • Saves precious resources – replace wood products credited with deforestation

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Recycled materials